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You do you, baby. Let’s create your dream ring.
(Or earrings. Or necklace. You see where we’re going with this).
We love designing and creating incredible jewellery and now want to share the experience with you. If you can imagine it, we can make it. We can adapt any design that exists in our collection, or create your dream piece from scratch. Or from that sketch you did on a napkin after a few wines the other night.
We work with all precious metals including platinum and 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow, rose and white gold. We have a serious passion for amazing and unusual precious gemstones including white diamonds, coloured diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, morganite, aquamarine, tourmaline and more.

Our Expertise

We are jewellery makers with two generations of experience. We work with some of the most skilled jewellers and gem merchants to source diamonds and gemstones from all over the world, including stones with a traceable origin.
We believe our jewellery should be just like the people who wear it: sexy and strong. Our jewellery is modern and feminine and made with skill so that it can be handed down to your grandchildren.
A babe has to take care of themselves. That’s why we offer lifetime complimentary cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating for all the jewellery we create. Visit us as often as you like! We want those babies to sparkle.

The Custom Process

INSPIRATION – Where all great ideas start: saved photos on Instagram, Pinterest boards, screen grabs, the slightly blurry photo of a magazine page you took while you were getting your hair done. All inspo is good inspo.
DESIGN – We offer complimentary design consultations throughout the custom process. You can meet with one of our designers in our boutique – we have many different designs and styles to see and try on – or communicate with us over the phone, by text or email.
We collaborate with you to create your perfect design, and we will show you pencil sketches or 3D renders to help show you how your piece will look.
SOURCING – Next, we find the diamonds and gemstones for your piece. We can source a few options and help you choose the best one for you. For example, you might be looking for a 1ct round brilliant cut diamond. We will show you a few options with differing characteristics (colour, clarity, price) and talk you through how each one will work with your piece.
If you have your own sentimental or heirloom gemstones, we are happy to talk about how we might be able to use them in your custom piece.
MAKING – Once we confirm your design and a deposit has been paid, we begin making your piece. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete depending on the design.
Just realised that you need to propose on vacation next week? Contact us and we will see if we can make miracles happen.

Looking For Inspiration?

Discover BY BABY iconic styles and past creations by browsing our Signature One Off Archive, where you can draw inspiration for your very own custom piece. Each of our Signature One Off pieces are one-of-a-kind, intricately designed around each hand picked gemstone, set in solid 18ct gold.