By Baby

Siren Pearl Ring - Silver


Because mermaids love jewellery, too! Our Siren Pearl Ring is a beautifully imperfect baroque pearl on a fine silver band.


- Natural baroque pearls measuring between 14-16mm

- Please note: these pearls are natural and every pearl is different. They have natural imperfections and differ in their colour. They are mostly cream coloured, and can have areas of blue, grey and golden tones.

- Solid sterling silver with a 1.5mm round band

- Made with love in our James Street studio in Brisbane


Always treat your fine jewellery with lots of love and care. All By Baby jewellery is created with great care and skill, so your ring can last a lifetime if you treat it right. You can wear your ring every day and night. To avoid saying “Oops!” don't wear your rings when playing sport, at the gym or swimming. You can spruce up these lil’ babies by polishing them with a clean, lint free cloth such as a lens cloth. 

Pearls are highly porous, so avoid putting hand creams and perfumes or any chemicals near your pearl. The pearls are set using an adhesive that may disintegrate after a long period of time. This is normal. To avoid losing the pearl, check the adhesive occasionally by gently wiggling the pearl. If it moves, it's time to be re-set. Just send us an email at and we will arrange to re-set your pearl at no charge. However, you may be required to pay shipping costs.

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