By Baby

Sleeper Hoop 10mm - 9ct Gold


Basic is a bad word, baby. We call these classics. A classic lil' sleeper hoop with hinge opening that clicks closed. Just like you wore in school. But in solid 9ct gold. Just a note, in order for these babes open and close with that nifty hinge, the hoop thickness is 1mm. That's a little thicker than some of our ear lobes are used to as our regular earring posts are around 0.85mm thick. 

The Finer Details

- Sleeper hoop with hinge opening that clicks closed

- Hoop wire is 1mm thick

- Sleeper diameter is 10mm

- Can be worn in cartilage piercings

- Solid 9ct gold

- Made in Italy


Always treat your fine jewellery with lots of love and care. All By Baby jewellery is created with great care and skill, so your sleepers can last a lifetime if you treat them right. You can wear your sleepers every day and night and they can go swimming, too! Just always remember to check that the hoop is securley closed so they don't fall out. You can spruce up these lil’ babies by polishing them with a clean, lint free cloth such as a lens cloth. 

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