It happens slowly, then all at once. A longing for a place not known by the bounds of physicality. Like displaced nostalgia, it’s hard to ignore the pull of the soul. It’s nothing more than a feeling, but that’s sometimes all you need. To be a part of the cosmos once again. Even just for a second. A Cosmic Affair.

A culmination of angel energy and pure luxury. Join us in experiencing the inner workings of the cosmos with a brand new selection of handcrafted engagement rings. From Sapphires, to Morganites, and it wouldn’t be a By Baby campaign without our Emeralds. 

A curated collection of rings designed with versatility in mind, to be worn as a statement ring, or engagement; they shine in whatever setting (pun intended)

All in the name of love baby.

Juliet Oval Peach Sapphire Solitaire - 18ct Gold 

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Probably in By Baby with this stunning solitaire. A warm 2.02ct Madagascan peach oval sapphire, paired elegantly with our notable 4 claw tulip setting. Juliet is versatile, to be worn as a statement ring, or engagement; she shines in whatever setting (pun intended). 

Fleur Oval Morganite Solitaire - 18ct Rose Gold

Deserving of her own museum exhibit, Fleur is nothing short of a work of art (get in line Van Gogh). An eye catching 2.40ct oval morganite solitaire, paired perfectly in rose gold to compliment her rosy undertones. 

Peaches Morganite Ring - 18ct Rose Gold 

Isn’t she just a peach? Behold Peaches in all her glory. A stunning solitaire hosting a 2.34ct asscher cut morganite in solid 18ct Rose Gold.

Nico Ring with 1.43ct Colombian Emerald - 18ct Gold

A vision in green! We love nothing more than an emerald babe set in our signature Nico style ring. Introducing a 1.43ct asscher cut Colombian emerald encased in 18ct solid gold.

Esmeralda 1.10ct Emerald Solitaire - 18ct Gold

Esmeralda, babe, we just can't get enough of you. A hypnotising deep green Colombian emerald bezel set in 18ct yellow gold. 

Esmeralda 1.75ct Emerald Solitaire - 18ct Gold

It would be an absolute crime to pull our eyes away from this whimsical babe, a crime. Esmeralda is back and better than ever. A light green Colombian emerald bezel set in 18ct yellow gold. 

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Men's Rings

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