BY BABY. The curator of modern heirlooms, the home of daily diamonds, with a dedication to creating one of a kind jewellery, made to last a lifetime. 

Founded by Angelique Andronis, BY BABY embodies her love of iconic design and the delicate skill of jewellery making. Known and loved for creating handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewellery and custom wonders, BY BABY is ever-evolving. 

Handcrafted using fine solid gold, our jewellery is designed skillfully around its chosen stone. Our settings celebrate the beauty of premium quality diamonds, natural and lab grown at our client's preference, and ethically sourced natural gemstones. BY BABY embodies the heirloom techniques passed down by generations of jewellers, ensuring enduring beauty and quality. 

With many of our pieces crafted within our flagship boutique on James St, Brisbane, Australia, clients can discover the personal process of jewellery making and even commission their own custom piece with our in-house team of jewellers.