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Our collection of engagement rings, from diamonds to emeralds, claw settings to bezel settings, oval cut to emerald cut, as a solitaire or toi et moi, will be certain to include your perfect engagement ring. Discover the ultimate symbol of your commitment with our equally unique, modern, and timeless engagement ring collection. An everlasting symbol of commitment, designed, curated, and created in Brisbane, Australia.

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Our curated collection of engagement rings are an endless of expression of your love story.

Discover a curation of love and commitment with our unique Engagement collection. At BY BABY, we take pride in curating an unique, distinct, and everlasting collection of engagement rings, lovingly designed and meticulously crafted, in Brisbane, Australia.

At BY BABY, we begin with the traditional, in diamond solitaries and radiant three-stone rings, inspired by vintage silhouettes and durable designs of times gone by. Yet, our designs transcend the classic, re-inventing the term. Our unique, bezel set designs, notably our beloved Nico ring, are our definition of classic.

Customise your ring with heirloom techniques passed down by generations of jewellers, ensuring enduring beauty and quality. Handcrafted with fine solid gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, and platinum finishes, in claw, pave, bezel, solitaire, bold, and minimal settings. Our BY BABY signature styles, including our bold Nico, glowing Celeste, and the refined Vivienne, are designed skilfully around each chosen stone.

Engagement rings, while traditionally diamond, have been modernised with emerald engagement rings, alongside sapphire and rubies coming centre stage. BY BABY features an array of stone cuts, emerald cut, oval, and round, to bring out the sparkle and brilliance of any stone. Each engagement ring made at BY BABY is unique, a one-off, intentional, hand-picked precious gemstones, set in unique, solid gold settings, representing commitment and intended to become a modern heirlooms.

From contemporary designs to vintage-inspired elegance, our collection caters to all. Embark on a custom, curated, and personalised experience with BY BABY.