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Rings are the markers of devotion, a symbol of commitment, to yourself, to your most loved and cherished, for life. Whether you are looking for a ring to mark a wedding, a proposal, or to represent your commitment to yourself, our rings are here to help you mark the occasion.

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Dome RingDome Ring

Dome Ring

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Fine solid gold rings, in signature styles, with precious and semi-precious stones.

BY BABY. Where the artistry of rings takes centre stage. Rings have always been cherished as powerful symbols of love, commitment, and devotion. Today, rings transcend their traditional role, becoming exquisite accessories that embody diverse relationships and personal expression.

We celebrate the endless possibilities that rings bring. Our consciously crafted designs range from fine signet rings to captivating gemstone one-off rings, with sparkling diamond bands in between. Explore our collection of meticulously curated pieces, including minimalistic classics and signature styles. Discover the allure of stacking rings and layering rings, perfect for adding a sparkling touch to any ensemble.

From wedding bands to engagement rings, our selection caters to every milestone and celebration. Delight in the brilliance of diamonds and the allure of gemstones, each piece handpicked to capture your heart. With a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, in mesmerising cuts, including emerald cut, brilliant cut, baguette cut, oval diamonds, and marquise diamonds, you will be sure to find the ring that resonates with your unique style.

Experience the magic of our rings, where tradition meets contemporary craftsmanship. Let our expert team guide you on your journey, ensuring that every detail of your ring is crafted to perfection. Design your very own custom-made ring, and let our collaboration shape a cherished heirloom that reflects you. Embark on a lifelong love affair with our exceptional ring collection.