Discover elevated solid gold earrings. From customisable huggies, symbol studs and bold hoops to diamond earrings–we’ve curated a collection that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

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Star Stud - 9ct GoldStar Stud - 9ct Gold

Star Stud - 9ct Gold

From $160.00 AUD
Heart Stud - 9ct GoldHeart Stud - 9ct Gold

Heart Stud - 9ct Gold

From $220.00 AUD
Diamond Huggie Extra Small - 14ct GoldDiamond Huggie Extra Small - 14ct Gold
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Diamond Huggie Small - 14ct White GoldDiamond Huggie Small - 14ct White Gold
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Diamond Huggie Medium - 14ct GoldDiamond Huggie Medium - 14ct Gold
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Diamond Huggie Medium - 14ct Rose GoldDiamond Huggie Medium - 14ct Rose Gold
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Square Huggie Extra Small - 9ct GoldSquare Huggie Extra Small - 9ct Gold
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Square Huggie Large - 9ct GoldSquare Huggie Large - 9ct Gold
Sold out
Bar Stud - 9ct GoldBar Stud - 9ct Gold

Bar Stud - 9ct Gold

From $120.00 AUD

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Elevate your ear party. Fine solid gold cuffs, hoops, huggies, drop charms, and studs that are essential for making a statement, whether it’s bold or dainty.

Our collection of earrings are here to make a statement. Our handcrafted earrings are perfect not only for the everyday, but for every occasion.

Discover a collection of earrings for everyone, with our huggies ranging in size from extra small, small, medium, to large sizes, to accomodate for all styles and sizes. Alongside our cartilage earrings, stud earrings, ear cuffs and hoops, it’s hard to find something you don’t love.

Adorned with semi-precious gemstones, our most popular styles being our diamond earrings and emerald earrings, our earrings are unique and perfect for every occasion. The opportunities are endless to express yourself through your earring stack, with yellow gold, white gold and rose gold metal options. Our earrings are designed to be worn in an earring stack, with hoops, ear cuffs, huggies and studs all throughout your ear party. From bold hoops and symbol studs to diamond earrings and customisable huggies, our collection of earrings is nothing short of breathtaking.

Make a statement with our unique huggie drop charms, featuring designs that can be personalised and customised. Create an earring stack for a curated ear party that reflects your personal style.

Elevate your ear party with our unique, customisable, and statement worthy collection of solid gold earrings.