The Story Behind The Nico Ring

Our notable Nico Ring is not just defined as a product. It is defined by its many wearers, and those after them. 

Nico is not one ring, it is many. In different forms for different occasions; a chameleon per se. It is truly built around each customer, much like each ring is built around the chosen stone. 

The true weight is held in its significance to the wearer themself. Nico is the ring you spot your grandma wearing at an overly crowded family lunch, it’s a wedding anniversary present, a 21st gift, or a reward for a long year; and more importantly, a future heirloom. 

Forever ageless.

To understand why a ring is transmissible across generations it is important to go back to the original storyline. 

After receiving an emerald for her 21st birthday, Creative Director and Owner of By Baby Jewellery, Angelique Andronis, began the origin story that became “Nico”. She originally designed the ring around her emerald, an act that has translated down through our customers. From then on, the Nico Ring became a staple in all future collections to come. Heavily 70’s inspired, it is a modern take, inherently simple in design. Allowing for the creation of individual interpretation.

Mark your milestone and create a new tradition with the help of our custom team at By Baby.