Evil Eyes

An ancient, ever-watching amulet, the Evil Eye is a protection symbol present in many cultures. Adorned for it’s protective energy, evil eye necklaces, charms, bracelets and jewellery, guard their wearer against negative, malicious glares. So, ward off those negative vibes, and look hot doing it.

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Ward off negative energy with the ancient amulet against envy, the Evil Eye for daily protection.

The evil eye, also known as Mati or Nazar, is an ancient protection symbol present in many cultures. The meaning has always been the same–protection against a malicious glare, motivated by envy.

Evil eye jewellery is one of the most popular forms of protection, and it's well known that if the jewellery breaks, the wearer avoided some serious bad energy, and the evil eye did its job.

Our collection of evil eye jewellery creates a balance between effortless protection and timeless style. The evil eye is not only an ancient amulet but a golden everyday fashionable jewellery piece. Enhance your jewellery collection with evil eye necklaces, evil eye bracelets, evil eye charms and earrings, for constant protection.

The rich history and timeless appeal of evil eye jewellery have led to it being reimagined and refashioned, with bejewelled diamond and sapphire evil eyes becoming a centrepiece in our evil eye collection.

Introduce the evil eye into your jewellery collection, whether it’s the traditional blue evil eye, or a gemstone sapphire and diamond evil eye, or even a deep emerald green evil eye, there’s no end to the endless protection of the evil eye.

So, ward off those negative vibes, and look hot doing it, with our Evil Eye Jewellery Collection.